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Towns of Bellanmo

Below are the main towns and cities of the Barony of Bellanmo.


(Illvaresh is where KANAR events take place.)

When traveling along the main North-South trading route called Heron's Way, one may not notice the small town of Ilvaresh. Located within the Barony of Bellanmo, this town originated as a Festival site for all the local Nobility. It has since grown in notoriety, if not in population. To this day Ilvaresh holds gatherings and festivals almost every moon to facilitate commerce and to aid in the recruitment of adventurers to fulfill quests deemed of worthy importance by the Peers of Novashan. Nearly uninhabited for 9/10th of the month, a mosquito and monster infested swamp town may not seem like the ideal place from which to conduct major political and financial dealings, but tradition is stronger than law, and very little of substance to the region gets accomplished outside of those things that get discussed at Festivals.


As one of her first actions as a new Baroness, Her Excellency Kali relocated the Baronial Seat to her home town of Crossroads. A home for many a retired adventurer and hero, Crossroads in and of itself is a nice place. The inn named the Oasis is a smart and lively little place, with many a bard telling tales and stories. Sir Locksley and his wife Aria are famous for bringing in tons of business from all over the region, and many prominent citizens of the Barony call Crossroads home.

Many caravans leave here and arrive here and supplies for these caravan’s need to arrive here as well. They typically import grain from either Pelain or Fennor, but the trading has stopped now. Crossroads sends out vegetables, cheese, and horses, and has a great many Illvareshian people visit almost every moon.


Named County Seat by the former Count Sir Rillen D'Cather, Nightbourne is now the home of his replacement, Count Rosentrotter. A warm and happy town nearing the size of a small city, Nightbourne, saw growth through the war with the Storm Lord and a small population boom in the past few years. Built in and around the rocky foot hills of Bellanmo, it boasts the largest known supply of coal and stone as well as good timber within the Barony. However, as it grows it needs more livestock, grains, and horses to do the work that man cannot. It continues to build its defenses, and a good strong wooden reinforced wall was built around itself for protection.

Currently Nightbourne is the largest exporter of coal to the rest of the County of Shadowglade. During the heavy fighting late in the year of 1011, Nightbourne suffered some heavy damage to the poor quarter of the city due to fires lit during the fighting. A smugglers passage beneath the walls was collapsed, bringing a small portion of the wall down with it. Men labor to make repairs, which should be finished by the spring.


A booming small town south of Nightbourne and North of Sorvan, this town was the former Baronial Seat of Dame Felicity Ashenwood, and is the current residence of Lord Sir Darkhan, Grandmaster of the Knights of the Thistle. When Dame Ashenwood became Viscountess of the Courts of Yardsmuth, she chose to retain her Keep within Allowen as a permanent residence. A small town of four hundred souls, it is famed for its spring festivals. It made its name in breeding the best of the best horses and livestock. Sadly, its nearby fields have seen more troops than crops in recent years, and the hamlet is often in short supply of grains for people, since so much is used in the feeding of its animals. The town is also short on textiles like cloth and linens and certain caravan supplies to create casts and wagons. Though the stone bridge was destroyed to thwart the attacking Storm Lord army away from here the wooden drawbridge is coming along nicely. Allowen survived a deadly plague with the help of heroes of the Gray Order and the Merciful Order of Silvermane, only to be besieged by the Shadowborn forces for most of 1011; the town was saved when Sir Krieghund, the Knight of Barbs, led a daring raid into the enemy forces and led them away from the gates. Damage to Allowen is light, though many more people have been living here, as refugees become commonplace. Dame Felicity can often be seen travelling amongst the war-weary people, raising spirits and distributing coins to families victimized by the recent bloodshed across the lands.


North and east of the ghost town of Hallot, Brenn is a prosperous town fallen on hard times. Once boasting a population of over a thousand residents, fewer than five hundred remain. A low stone wall built from the stones of Lord Joseph's Keep in Jenniville surrounds Brenn and keeps her people somewhat safe at night. A town built on timber, caravan supplies and horses, Brenn had grown into a strong town in the south. It once held the highest level of literacy in the Barony, and books, pottery, and herbs all sold well here. The library project that Dame Felicity had funded while Baroness is complete, and Brenn attracted many researchers fleeing the Kingdom border wars to the South. A major stop for caravans heading north, Brenn has many warehouses to hold goods waiting to be shipped. Brenn was held by forces loyal to the Shadow during 1011; several attempts to retake the town were rebuffed. In the Aftermath of the War of Shadows, the town quietly surrendered. Most of the damage done to Brenn during its occupation was repaired, and the townsfolk did not suffer greatly at the hands of the Shadowborn, but many huts and houses now lay empty.


Along the northern boundary between the Barony of Brisbane and that of Bellanmo, Yarik controls one bridge along the river of Staine, and provides many of the vegetables, grains and fruit for the barony. A large village with full time guards and a substantial militia, Yarik has been very profitable in past years. Though Yarik is on the river, it seems to always need more livestock and many of the people here enjoy the many wines of the Western County. Cheese, too, is in high demand here, as a staple food for many of the men and women that work the fields tending the massive gardens and fields for hours a day. The Bridge between Yarik and Pleasant Creek was destroyed at the outset of the War of Shadows; when the Shadowborn army took Yarik and tried to advance across to the small garrison at Pleasant Creek, the soldiers in Brisbane burned the bridge. Rebuilding efforts are visible, as this bridge functions as a major trade thoroughfare for the County.


Fennor is a good, old-fashioned farming community. Granted they have their share of interesting people, but generally they keep to themselves. A private community to be sure, they are still warm and friendly to weary travelers. Many here are gardeners of herbs and herb gardens as large as some grain fields. Almost any variety of herbs can be found here and they also produce soap, the only town in the Barony to do so. The people of Fennor have a need for textiles like linen and cloth, as well as livestock and grain. Under the Shadow, Fennor became a breadbasket – the land surrounding Fennor is now fertile farmland, though all of these recent crops have gone to the Shadow. Unrest here early in the War of Shadows, caused Fennor to openly declared for the Lord of Shadows early in the conflict, at which point it became the main base of their southern forces. With the threat nearly gone, many surmise that Fennor will return to the fold.


This small quiet village near the northern bridge of Yardsmith is the farthest you can travel west in Bellanmo before you enter the Barony of Brisbane. Ranchers for livestock, furriers trading out trapped furs and small quantities of fruit, leave here to either Yardsmuth to the south or by road to Nightborne to the east. Other goods are sent up the Staine River to Yarik, to then be caravanned elsewhere. During the War of Shadows, the road-bed of the bridge here was burned by Shadowmen who tried to hold off loyalist forces led by Sir Nolan Northaus. Quick thinking by Sir Nolan saved the pilings, meaning reconstruction of the bridge will be easier than it would have been, and the Good Sir Nolan also paid for the supplies required to turn the pilings into the base of a ferry system, allowing men and supplies to still use this crossing, if a bit slower than before.


Sorvan is immediately identifiable as a Dwarven built city. This town has been completely repopulated from its unfortunate meeting with the forces of the Greater Vampire Sir Joseph Von Drachenlich Darklichen, and is filled with houses of stone. It avoided attack during the War of Shadows, through quick thinking by the Baronial Guardsman Morgan, and Sir Krieghund, Knight of Barbs. Uncovered traitors within the town watch were discovered before they could invite the enemy within the walls. The town is larger than it once was due to the influx of refugees from Fenrest and Allowen. Many of the widows and orphans of the war have found refuge within this town.


A village with a good future, Pelain is well known across the Duchy for its exquisite leather goods. The furriers and leathers have made quite a name for themselves. All types of hide and furs come through here to be evaluated and discussed, before being transformed into fabulous leathers and suede. They are always searching for new types of furs and hides, and as they have grown, their milled timber and grain harvest have become increasingly important. A large winery operates in Pelain owned by the famous hero Philippe D’Castille and managed by his eldest fosterling; they have just started to release their first few vintages. Pelain went over peacefully to the Shadow during the War, but not out of any particularly strong belief. They just as peacefully reverted to the Prince in the aftermath of the War.


Wedged between the deep marshes and swamps of Illvaresh and the Cascading Mountain Range to the east, Fenrest has many natural barriers, creating a highly defensible area. Once a safe haven for refugees from many fleeing dark druids, lizardmen and mudmen, as well as the wars of the past several decades, Fenrest is now totally deserted. Just north of the town, rising out of the mire, is a malevolent keep. The sun never truly shines here – the light resembles that of the moon with its pale and silvery glow, and the shadows cast are deeper and never seem to quite disappear. The people of Fenrest, for the most part, fled ahead of the encroaching madness that claimed the trappers and swampfolk, and now live elsewhere in the Barony. Coal and stone mines lay abandoned, and the rare herbs could often be found around this once prosperous town grow unchecked.

New Aladine

Lord Diegan Lancaster and Lady Bridget are in charge of New Aladine, whose population includes many refugees seeking to move farther east away from the well-travelled roads. Founded in 1005, it this port city lies on the eastern coast of the Jaded Sea, about halfway between Tarn and Quillon's Point. New Aladine recruited many craftsmen during the Stormlord Wars, and has developed a tidy trade in salt and glass. It is rumored that Viscountess Ashenwood maintains a private estate here for the benefit of her children.

Quillon's Point

This successful port city once lay in the northeastern corner of the Barony of Bellanmo. Bordering the Staine River, this growing town had built improvements to its bay, making it accessible to deep-keel vessels, until a massive tidal wave washed away the entire town and all but eleven of its inhabitants. Rumors say that someone on land angered the Great Sea Dragon, and the horrible creature took his vengeance on these innocent fisherman. The town has slowly been rebuilding and repopulating, but most superstitious folk stay away.


Hallot was a ghost town. Inhabited by ghosts of the dead garrison of the Storm Lord for many years, this group of undead held true to the orders that were last given to them by the Storm Lord himself. Until the war, Hallot was the first town you would approach from the Kingdom to the Principality, but it has been so long since living beings have been able to reside there, that it is visibly in disrepair. Are the death of the Walker called Draconis the ghosts of Hallot (and all other undead in Novashan) were destroyed.


This small village was once the site of a large stone tower inhabited by the now-banished greater vampire Lord Joseph Von DarkLichen. The tower itself was long ago cannibalized for building materials for Allowen Keep. The small village that surrounded his keep, Jenniville, is inhabited by many crazed and insane people. Used and bred for food and as stock for his many undead abominations, and made to watch as Joseph impaled orcs along the roadways, they now keep to themselves, and many a hero would stay clear of this place for a time. Despite it all, this small village does trade occasionally in jewelry, livestock and wine. Residents of Jenniville always seem to be seeking pottery, leather goods of any style and make, and strong ale, as their fields are only good to grow grapes and feed cattle. Jenniville itself has not been involved in the war at all as it was deemed unimportant by both sides.


A trading post on the border between Narrdmyr and Novashan, Wyndover became legendary as a fun-loving, lawless and wild place, full of adventurers, bandits, mercenaries and most importantly, money. Conveniently located between Tarn, Illvaresh and Biero-Phane, all manner of cargos and shipments found their way through and around the city’s inspectors and excisemen. As trade has tapered off between the Kingdom and the Principality, Wyndover's fortunes have waned, and the city has begun to fall on hard times. Wyndover was sacked twice in recent memory, once by the forces of the Stormlord, and again by the Death Knight, Metrion, as he led his forces south and east out of Novashan. Almost one third of the town’s population was taken with him as newly risen undead. In the early spring of the year 1012, His Lordship Derek Holbrook, of the Nardmyrian Barony of Wildemere, ceded control over the towns of Wyndover, Grey Haven, Lenik, and South Bay to the Barony of Bellanmo. It is wildly believed that Baron Derek did not wish to support these town militarily, as they have historically produced very little in the way of taxes.

Grey Haven

A lumbering town famous for its mills, and it's sages.


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South Bay

Most of the port trade that was lost when Tarn blew up has relocated here.