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The regions of Novashan are mostly divided by political boundaries. Baroness Kali rules over the Barony of Bellanmo, home to several Towns.

Political Regions of Novashan

Prince Daffyd Balthshazar of The Principality of Novashan

Duke Keiran D'Kalin of The Duchy of Llimyrr
Count Chaylin Aridale of The County of Manipaths
Baroness Jzerusha of The Barony of Greenwood
Baroness Cirana of The Barony of Diamondwood
Countess Felicity Ashenwood of The County of NONAME
Baron G'nip G'nop of The Barony of NONAME
Duke Gustav Cantor of The Duchy of Anadarr
Count Gilbert Rosentrotter of The County of Shadowglade
Baroness Kali of The Barony of Bellanmo
Baron Constantine Brisbane of The Barony of Brisbane
Count Jon Malconnay of The Barony of Hawkstone
Baron Bear Temur of The Barony of Rosa Solari
Baron Thaldir D'Zhun of the Barony of Terradear