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Almost every region, city, or town has one or more local lords or ladies, in service to the local Nobles. For instance, in the Barony of Bellanmo there are several lesser lords and ladies, or the equivalent.

Lords of Bellanmo

Chieftain Gruk of The Black Tuth Grin Clan
Lord Amos of House Claddagh
Lord Guy of House Claddagh
Lady Meridith of House Chaos
Lady Lucy of House Bein Amar
Lord Darkhan, Mayor of Allowen
Lady Asa, Mayor of Sorven
(Lord Gumja) of House Jhereg
(Lord Raspitun) of House Jhereg
Lady Bridgette of House Aladine
Lord Deigan of House Aladine

Lords of Brisbane

Lord Dust of House Brisbane
Lord Gwydeon of House Brisbane
Lord James of House Heartswain
Lady Kyla of House Heartswain