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Item Creation

Characters with the Herbalism skill may create herbal doses and bandages. This process involves first obtaining the necessary herbs then blending them in the proper proportions to obtain the desired effect. Three distinct types of herbal crafts can be created; Herbal bandages, herbal doses, and anti-toxins. Applying an herbal Bandage or dose requires 30 seconds.

Note: Theoretically, if a character has Herbalism Lvl 5, they can create Herbalism items capable of being enchanted. Since all listed Herbalism items are consumable one-use items, this does not have any effect at this time.
Herbal Bandages 
Herbal Bandages will heal 2 points of body damage per level of the Herbalism skill used to craft them. This healing takes one hour. The time and cost to create an Herbal Bandage varies, please see a GM if you wish to create one.
Herbal Doses 
Various herbs have differing mystic and medicinal values. With herbalism, you can craft herbal salves and poultices from these herbs. A list of possible salves and poultices and their methods for creation are available from the staff.
If a character has the Poison lore skill he may use Herbalism to craft antidotes for common toxins, the time and cost for this is the same as creating the toxin. The maximum level of toxin a herbalist may make antidotes for is equal to 2 times his herbalism level.


A list of herbs can be found in-character.