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KANARI Import Progress by Page

Integration AND Formatting Required

Characters - Needs Integration

Houses - Needs Integration

Nobility - Needs Integrating

Notable Figures - Needs Reformatting / Integrating

Organizations - Needs Reformatting / Integrating

Major Formatting

Combat - Needs massive reformatting

Skills - Needs massive reformatting

Individual Weapon - Needs Reformatting

Races - Needs Reformatting

Earth/Water Spell List - Needs reformatting

Fire/Air Spell List - Needs Reformatting

Dwarves - Needs Primary Formatting

Geography - Needs Primary Formatting

Halflings - Needs Primary Formatting

Elves - Needs Primary formatting

Half Breeds - Needs Primary formatting

Humans - Needs Primary formatting

Lore - Needs Reformatting

Minor Formatting

Rules Changes - Needs Reformatting

Siege - Needs Reformatting

Staff List - Needs reformatting

Taxes - Needs reformatting

The Bayomal Pact of 951 Time of Man - Needs reformatting

Toxins - Needs Reformatting

Traps - Needs Reformatting

Weapon Group - Needs Reformatting

Weaponsmithing - Needs Reformatting

Other Things

  • Clarify changes from Rulebook for things like Gestalt Skills

KANARI To-Do List (Unformatted)

  • Phase Seven (Expansion)

- Expand Staff List beyond website list*

- Add Item Creation info for Weapons/Armor/Siege* (request submitted to Econ)

- Add list of Herbal Doses* (request submitted to Econ)

- Find and add examples of Craftable Items to Craft*

- Add Weapon-making info/tutorials to Out Of Game*

- Expand Herbalism section*

- Add weapon descriptions to Individual Weapon

- Review Beginner's Guide

- Read SOP and add any relevant info, such as XP guidelines

- Refine information about check-in/check-out/skill purchases

- Clarify/streamline types of damage/status ailments (no-armor, knockdown, etc.)

- Clarify Silvermane/Silverthorne and add Charter (obtainable from Wilm)

- Mystic Quill needs development

  • Miscellaneous / Minor

- Correct skill names under Racial Modifications in Races

- Underline headings in Fire/Air Spell List and Bard Spell List

- Proofread for grammar and syntax